Friday, December 28, 2012


NE 8th Avenue, Portland, December 28, 2012—
LEFTOVERS YESTERDAY: prime rib, mashed potatoes, Brussels sprouts; delicious cheeses; Beaujolais.

Boardleft  Boardright

But today we went out to a mid-afternoon charcuterie dinner, where I feasted on the charcuterie you see here, called a "French Board": two types of saucisson sec, a slice of terrine, a generous soup spoonful of rillette, a chunk of garlic sausage, and a slice of Vallée d'Aspe. Before, I'd had my share of Lindsey's fine butter-lettuce salad. I like this place.
Morgon, Lapierre, 2011
• Olympic Provisions, 1632 NW Thurman Street, Portland; (503 894 8136

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