Saturday, November 12, 2011

Salmon; frisée

Eastside Road, November 12, 2011—
IMG_1250.jpgPROBABLY THE NEXT-LAST salmon of the year — Lindsey bought two this morning; one's in the freezer. It was our last Farm Market in Healdsburg for the year; we'll be away next Saturday; then the market closes for the winter. Dave's salmon; Nancy's lima beans; the neighbor's tomatoes — we'll miss them; but we look forward to them next season.

IMG_1253.jpgIt was one of the last of our Meyer lemons, too — only three or four left on the tree; but lots of green ones for the next cycle. And the radishes are coming up; the new lettuces won't be far behind. Kale, too, and broccoli. And after our salmon we had a really delicious salad of frisée from a nearby farm, dressed with olive oil, garlic, salt, and lemon juice. Tomorrow we'll have arugula, and the puntarelle are flourishing…
Zinfandel, Sky Vineyards, 2007

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