Friday, November 4, 2011

Cheese sandwiches

Eastside Road, November 4, 2011—
sandwich.jpgTHAT SANDWICH YESTERDAY was so tasty; why not have the same thing for dinner tonight?

This time I set the cast-iron griddle on the kitchen stove, straddling two burners. A few raw peppers, those little spherical ones, went on first, to roast and blister; and I laid out two or three Nardini we'd prepared a few days ago and had left over in the icebox, to let them warm up.

Lindsey shaved the last of the Gruyère and sliced some more onion to fill the sandwiches, and after putting a tiny bit of butter on the griddle they went on next. As you see, we had some radishes ready to go too.

After the sandwiches were done and the peppers ready and the griddle empty, I threw on a few little cubes of bacon and diced leftover stale bread, figuring they'd add nicely to the green salad. They did.
Vermentino, Epicuro (Lazio), 2010 (fruity, minerals, nice acid, refreshing)

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