Sunday, November 6, 2011

Huevos rancheros

Eastside Road, November 6, 2011—
huevos.jpgOUT, UNCHARACTERISTICALLY, to brunch this morning, since sisters-in-law were visiting. A double cappuccino with a tablespoon of brandy in it, since there was no grappa at this bar; then a very fine version of a dish I particularly like: huevos rancheros. If the Hundred Plates were a hundred ten, it would be there. Maybe it should be anyhow.salmon.jpg

In this version the beans and rice formed a base for the slightly crisp tortillas; the poached eggs rested on top of those, with a tomato concassée, cilantro leaves — not chopped! — on top, and a spoonful of sour cream. The whole affair was pretty, nicely balanced, and delicious.

Dinner at home: salmon from yesterday's market, with the usual lima beans — I think there will be only one more market this year, and then we will look back fondly on these limas with a certain amount of regret. Sliced tomatoes, as you see; the green salad afterward.
Salice Salentino, Epicuro, 2007
• French Garden Restaurant & Bistro, 8050 Bodega Avenue Sebastopol; (707) 824-2030

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