Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Omelette aux chanterelles

Eastside Road, March 15, 2011—
SUNDAY NIGHT A COUPLE of friends, invited to dinner, brought a half dozen eggs along. They'd been at Lou Preston's winery out in Dry Creek, and presumably met the hens, and liked their looks.

Then yesterday another friend stopped by on his way home from up in Mendocino county, where he'd taken a walk in the woods and found some nice golden chanterelles. Everything was beginning to say Omelet.


So tonight I sautéed the mushrooms in butter in a skillet on the wood stove, while L. washed the lettuce and cooked up some leeks and carrots. Then I made a couple of three-egg omelets, cooking them in butter rather than the usual olive oil, because butter's better with mushrooms. And, go for it, we buttered the toast — delicious Como bread from the Downtown Bakery. A green salad, a honey tangerine, and Bob's your uncle.
Water (I've never found a good wine to drink with eggs)

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