Thursday, October 8, 2009


Eastside Road, Healdsburg, October 8, 2009—
JUST TYPE THE WORD "kale" into the search box for this blog and you'll see how often we return to Boerenkool. It's substantial, delicious, cheap, and not that difficult, particularly when you get someone else to cook it.
Lindsey cooked some bacon in the stainless-steel skillet, sautéed cubed (and peeled) potatoes in the bacon-fat, then sweated the chopped kale leaves in the skillet, covered, over very low heat.
This took quite a while, tonight, because the kale in the garden is very old, very tough, very big. And very tasty. Lindsey sometimes puts a little vinegar on the dish. I think the vinegar harms the
Nero d'Avola, 2007


Giovanna said...

Mmm...I'm going to have that for dinner tonight! But you left us hanging...the vinegar harms the...?

Charles Shere said...

…Nero d'Avola.

Oh: Lindsey says I got her method wrong. What she does is, she cooks the bacon cubes, drains off the fat, adds some olive oil, browns some onion, then adds the potato and kale with salt and pepper.