Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Steak and potatoes

Portland, April 28—

EATING AT HOME is so satisfying; why do we eat out? Tonight I handled the steak and salad dressing; Lindsey took care of the broccolini; Giovanna worked the little fingerling potatoes. At least I think that's how the girls divided things; I was busy at my end of the meal. Not that there was much to it: I salted the hanger steaks when we got them home, made the usual salad dressing, then after the potatoes were ready I got a black iron skillet good and hot and put the steaks in it, dry. Seared them on both sides, then cooked them until done, lifted them out and sliced them up, deglazed the pan with a little red wine, added a little butter and reduced the result, squeezed some lemon juice on the steak and spread the pan sauce over. Delicious.
Sangiovese da Puglia, I Molini, 2007


Giovanna said...

Well, actually, Lindsey tended the broccolini *and* the potatoes. I prepared the...hmm. Oh yes! I made the aperitifs!

Charles Shere said...

Right: Fernet and soda, with a twist. Thanks.