Saturday, August 16, 2008

Corn and salmon

SATURDAY IS MARKET DAY here in Healdsburg, and this time of year that means Corn. Corn and, if you're lucky, salmon. Once home, Lindsey cooked the corn for lunch: with it, a piece of toast with olive oil and salt, a couple of raw carrots, a glass of pomegranate juice.


I know: that sounds a little Calvinist. But the oil and salt are delicious; the pomegranate juice is almost winey. And the Saturday Martini and dinner aren't that far off:


In fact the salmon wasn't as good as it's been: it was from the Columbia River, not just offshore (salmon's on hold here this year), and it seems a little late in the season, a little fat: this was probably the last we'll have this year. But the lima beans! Willow Vale beans, from Nancy Skall's farm across the river, with very complex flavors and fine nutty texture. Lindsey cooked them in a little bit of butter and a tiny bit of salt, and they were and are memorable.

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