Sunday, November 26, 2017


Via Damaso Cerquetti, Rome, November 25, 2017—

WHY HAVE WE NEVER been to this wonderful restaurant before? It's not as if we've spent few evenings in Rome… and it's certainly not unknown. A friend recommended it years ago, but we never seemed to get around to it — perhaps because of its location, a little off the usual track.

But only a very little. It's in a secluded corner adjacent to the Ghetto, a very quiet location, but easily walked to — which is what we like to do.

I started with this delicious Tortino di baccalà, carciofi e patate — a compound of salt cod, artichoke and potatoes, beautifully balanced, the flavors perfectly merged. For a secondo, Saltimbocca alla romana: we can't leave Rome without one of its most characteristic dishes.

The Contessa had the carciofe alla giudia she'd been hungering fdor — the best we've had, I think, the leaves perfectly crisped.

And the dining room is stunningly beautiful, and the service as good as any I've seen. We will certainly be back — alas, not soon.

     🍷Frascati Superiore Heredio DOCG, Vallechiesa (Malvasia/Greco/Bombino), a little dusty on the tongue but fine with the baccalà)
     Merlot/Sangiovese, "Rosso della casa" (Tuscany): fruity, balanced, light

•Piperno, Monte de' Cenci 9, Rome; 📞+39 06 68806 629

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Michael Shae said...

We overlapped with you in Rome for a few days, but overlapped in restaurants only at Grappolo d'Oro where I had excellent cardi alla parmigiana and baccala alla romana—though I had thought of returning to Piperno, have never made it up the hill to Litro, and must must next time make it to Cesare al Casaletto. Otherwise we were happy at Flavio, Armando al Pantheon, Pianostrada, Il Bocconcino behind the Colosseum, our old favorite Gran Sasso, and lunch at the AAR. Buon appetito and please keep writing—