Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Four days of typical Dutch: 2: Blokzijl to Dwingeloo

Blokzijl to Dwingeloo, November 7, 2017—
A FTER BREAKFAST in our splendid hotel Geertien we continued driving northeast, first to the (for anglophones) ruinously named little town Ruinen (pronounced Rrrownen) to see a fine country house-barn a friend is thinking of buying, and to have coffee and appelgebak at a little place owned and run by a Turkish immigrant justly proud of his applecake. Alas there were no longer any croissants to try: I bet they're good too.

•Brink Croissanterie, Brink 19B, Ruinen; 📞+31 522 47 14 72

And then on to Dwingeloo for lunch, later dinner at our hotel. Lunch was, for me, simply a cup of mustard soup, a dish we learned to love in Eenrum, years ago on a bicycle tour. It's chicken stock, I suppose, and good cream, and a healthy amount of good Dutch mustard, simple enouugh.

Dinner: ribeye steak. I suppose this was more or less a traditional Hollandse biefstuk, not that different from what we had on special days when I was a boy: the steak somewhat overcooked in spite of my ordering it rare, served with a light brown milk gravy and, what is certainly not traditional, a very sketchy jab at accompanying vegetables.

Dessert was very special, really elegant and delicious, as carefully thought out for textures ads for flavors. A licorice frangipane parfait, of all things, beautifully composed on the plate and quickly deconstructed, as you see, to try to figure out how it was done. It's the second licorice dessert we've had on this trip, and quite different from the other, and quite as enjoyable.

     🍷Costières de Nîmes, François de Posquières

•Hotel Wesseling, Brink 26, Dwingeloo, Netherlands; 📞+31 521 59 15 44

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