Friday, October 20, 2017

Union forever

Pasadena, October 20, 2017—

VERY QUICKLY, and subject to revision later this weekend, a report on last night's late supper after a performance (of an adaptation of A Tale of Two Cities) by a favorite theater company of ours down here, at Union, a restaurant that never lets us down. I think it's in the running for Five Restaurants classification.

We began with bread, butter, and giardiniera — very piquant pickled vegetables, certainly a Calabrian version of a specialty I always associate with the other end of the Italian peninsula, Piemonte. (By way of the Contessa's paternal aunt Victoria, whose homemade version was my introduction to giardiniera, so many years ago.)

Then a simple arugula salad, but such beautifully chosen leaves, and so well dressed, and sprinkled with good Parmigiano with, I suspect, a discreet amount of Pecorino as well.

Then Bucatini cacio e pepe, dressed with grated Pecorino Romano and black pepper and topped with a poached egg that our stylish, professional server mixed into the dish at the table.

All this was perfect. It was late, and by the time we finished we were the only ones there. Union can be very noisy; it's popular and small. On this trip it was romantic. We'd never been there after a show before; we will again. It seemed so Italian!

     🍷Nascetta, Diego Conterno (Piemonte), 2015

•Union, 37 E Union Street, Pasadena, California; 📞+1 (626) 795-5841

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