Friday, October 20, 2017

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Pasadena, California, October 20, 2017—

I THINK IT'S A PLACE to have a drink, the Contessa said at the end of the evening, and then go on somewhere else for dinner. And I guess I agree with her: but I do think this is a pleasant, rather romantic little place. If only the menu were a little more interesting, and perhaps not quite so complicated.

We started, after a decent Martini, by sharing a big garden lettuce salad. The leaves were quite big and not at all torn. They were dressed with a little lemon juice; a bottle of gloppy ranch-style dressing came with them — not a very inspired salad.

I went on to a pretty nice hanger steak, grilled, served with fingerling potatoes cooked with a slice of bacon, a poached quail egg, and a spoonful or two of nice English peas, undercooked in a pleasant way.

     🍷Cuvée Sabine, André  Brunel (Rhone), 2013: very rich and rewarding

•The Raymond Restaurant, 1250 Fair Oaks Avenue, South Pasadena, California; 📞+1 (626) 441-3136

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