Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday…

Eastside Road, June 7, 2017—
SUNDAY WE SIMPLY sat around on the patio with friends, nibbling at salami and mixed nuts, radishes and bread, and then had a quick salad before rushing off to a movie with another friend, and then at her house had a strawberry shortcake. Strawberries with drop biscuits and whipped cream: a marvelous concoction.
MONDAY WAS HOMINY day — one of Franco's sausages crumbled into the skillet, chopped onions added, a can of hominy.

Dessert: Lou's strawberries, with vanilla ice cream. I never liked strawberries until a few years ago; they never had any flavor. The farmers around here are growing newer varieties with flavor, what a fine idea, and growing them without poisons. So we eat strawberries, happily.

     🍷Cheap Sangiovese

YESTERDAY COOK TURNED to the pantry again for another fairly quick dinner: her favorite whole wheat penne in red sauce — again, sausage crumbled into the skillet, onions, tomato sauce she'd canned last fall. Green salad afterward — for a change, I mashed an anchovy into the dressing. Delicious. And then a tangerine.
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