Wednesday, December 30, 2015


Rabbit ragout
Puiflijk, Nederland, December 30, 2015—

ANOTHER HOME-COOKED DINNER — how grateful we are for them. For the generosity and expertise of the friends who provide them, and for the views they give us into the daily domestic life of people from other lands and cultures.

Tonight it was rabbit, cooked into a sort of ragoût, in dark Belgian beer. It was served with shredded red cabbage cooked with cloves, a bit of cinnamon, and juniper berries; and we also had steamed potatoes of course, mashed down on the plate with one's fork to absorb the delicious gravy; and there were Brussels sprouts, unusually small, tight ones, innocent of any flavor but their own. A fine dinner.

Dessert: vanilla ice cream, poached pears, chocolate sauce. And lots of conversation.

Mavrud, Katarzyna Estate, Bulgaria, 2014

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