Monday, December 7, 2015

Any port

December 7, 2015—
ELL, YOU TAKE your salad where you find it, and we have to have salad. The Contessa looked online to see where we'd find it. Not many choices: chain-resto "Mexican" or dubious Chinese. We opted, of course, since all such decisions must be consensus, for the former.

The house salad turned out to be huge. Lettuce, of course, of which she rejected only one leaf. Tomatos: where'd they get them? Nice sweet onions. A slice of cucumber. (We'll be eating lots of cucumber in the next couple of weeks.)

A fair amount of cheese, cheap processed cheese, but still. Vinaigrette.

No bread! Oh well, there's

Beer: Belgian White, on tap
•Chili's, Oakland International Airport
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