Sunday, May 17, 2015


Vico Fornaci, Matera, May 16, 2015—
BIG MEAL MIDDAY today, since we were to be at a concert from seven to ten, and Hermes knows how we'll find the place. Getting to lunch was tricky enough: on the map it looked an easy walk, but it was down hundreds of rough stone steps…

I chose the restaurant from the Slow Food website, and was happy I did. We started with the degustazione Botteghe , a selection of antipasti including
"cialled": bread, tomatoes, cucumber, onions, basil, oregano
•Caprese salad (mozzarella, tomatoes, basil)
•Zucchini "spaghetti": zucchini cut very thin with vinaigrette
•two or three frittatas
•a couple of croquettes
•a large serving of whipped cream with chopped Treviso chicory
Then we went on to other local dishes:
Fave e cicorie: beautifully supple purée of fava beans and olive oil, with sautéed bitter chicory greens
Tegamino di baccalà alla menta: salt cod baked in tomato sauce flavored with mint
Patate alla brace: potatoes baked in their jackets
White agleanico in carafe
Ristorante Le Botteghe, Piazza S. Pietro Barisano 22, Matera; 0835 344072

PizzaThis did not keep us from getting a pizza alla marinara at midnight, just to keep in shape, at the local
•Girotondo Pizzeria, via XX Settembre 30/A, Matera
It was fine except that weirdly it featured a few black olives scattered on top. We are not in Napoli.
The rest of the Malandrina from the other night
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