Friday, January 30, 2015

Eating simply

Egg sandwich
Eastside Road, January 30, 2015—
WHAT A PLEASURE, after the long expensive complicated dinner the other night, to eat at home again, simply. Last night we had Marion's buttered barley for dinner; just the barley and then a green salad. I always think of Marion Cunningham when we have this simple dish; it was her recipe — simply whole-grain barley, cooked as a pilaf, then liberally buttered, with perhaps a little black pepper.

Tonight we finished of the pot, adding broccoli and a fried-egg sandwich. That sandwich was the bane of my childhood: Mom used to send me to school with one every day: a cold greasy leathery fried egg, the yolk as leathery as the white, on bread that ranged from totally unleavened to as full of air as a politician's promise, since the bread was homemade and so was its yeast.

This fried egg was different: cooked just right, in bacon fat, salted and peppered while cooking, and topped with Susan's hot sauce, a welcome gift the other day, thanks, Susan!

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