Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Salad (not Niçoise)

Eastside Road, April 30, 2014—
BEAUTIFUL, ISN'T IT? It reached 94° here today, and Cook thought, quite rightly, a not-quite-Niçoise salad would be refreshing. Why isn't it Niçoise, I asked her: no anchovies, she said; no olives…

She's right, of course; she generally is. But if it's not Niçoise it's the next best thing. Or, in fact, quite as good; simply different. We're lucky to have a grocer in Healdsburg who finds local produce when possible, stuff with good flavor and fresh fresh fresh, and lately his butter lettuce has been soft and sweet, with that silky finish to the leaf that comes only soon after a rain, I think. Good canned tuna. Good Yukon gold potatoes. Good green beans — perhaps not local, but certainly not tired. The cherry tomatoes are from Baja California, but organic. They don't have a lot of flavor, of course. but they add nice color and texture.

Afterward, a bowl of our own applesauce…

"Meritage" blend, Cyrus (Alexander Valley), 2006: good fruit, good cépage, well made; full and mature (thanks, Donna)

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