Saturday, February 5, 2011

Summer cassoulet…

Mill Valley, February 5, 2011—
AND SOME ARE NOT, as the old play on words goes. Cassoulet's much on our minds these days; I parted out a goose the other day and rendered its fat, but we're still weeks off from the event.

But today we went to a lunch birthday party for a friend, and what should be on the menu but "summer cassoulet."

The weather certainly cooperated; never has February been so balmy under Marian's trees. We sat outside in the shade in shirtsleeves drinking white wine, lingering, before finally, almost grudgingly, moving inside to a delicious dish.

Was it really cassoulet? Well, if you're a purist, no, but I liked it enough to have a second helping. Flageolets, chicken, sausage, lemon zest, thyme, scallions I think a very pleasant combination. Green salad after; and then the birthday cake, a chocolate cheesecake, a pot of crème caramel alongside. Thanks, Marian; a delicious afternoon!
Sauvignon blanc, Guenoc, 2009; Malbec, Viu Manent (Chile), 2009 (a delicious, serious, fruity wine)

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