Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Bread and salad

Eastside Road, February 15, 2011—
JUST WHEN YOU THINK things should be getting back to normal, everything goes haywire. Today, for example, we had one hell of a rainstorm: not the kind of weather you'll go shopping in. And we had an early curtain to catch: we were seeing an in-theater presentation, "live," from the Metropolitan Opera, of Nixon in China. On top of that, Tuesday's supposed to be fast day, but that didn't work out either.

What else. Oh yes: that fine 1.5 kilo loaf of bread we bought yesterday morning in Portland.


So Lindsey made me a piece of toast for lunch, spread as usual with almond butter, and I gave up on the fast, there's always tomorrow. Dinner: a nice baked potato, with olive oil and salt. Then a miserable drive through driving rain, looking up fearfully at the overhanging oaks lest a limb should drop, only to find the opera's not tonight but tomorrow.

Home, then, to a plate of broccoli flavored with crushed garlic; and then a nice green salad. What's better than good bread, olive oil, and salt?

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