Saturday, February 12, 2011

Hard day on the road

Portland, Feb. 10-11—
WHAT A DAY, eating-wise. We were flying up to Portland in the late afternoon, so we had a simple tuna sandwich for lunch. At the airport, though, we learned the flight was cancelled: nothing to be done but return home, hop into the car, and drive six hundred miles as quick as we could. No nice restaurant dinner in Portland, one of the eating capitals of the United States: salted nuts, a bad store-deli ham-and-cheese, and three or four of those dreadful "French vanilla cappuccinos" to keep us awake on the road.

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Curtis Faville said...

Those dreadful bottled cappuccinos can save your life.

Once, when I had passed on one at a truck stop in--I think Lovelock, Nevada--I "awoke" to find myself bouncing off the road in the center divider, doing 70. I don't know why the vehicle didn't spin and tumble--am I blessed? I probably should have died in a crash. In any case, I never pass up the caffeine hit when doing long drives, especially when alone. It's very cheap insurance.