Friday, November 6, 2009

Lamb shanks

Eastside Road, Healdsburg; November 6, 2000—
ONE OF THE HUNDRED GLORIES of French cuisine, according to Robert Courtine, is lamb shanks. photo.jpgEssentially what you do is put them crowded into a heavy pot with a close-fitting lid, along with a dozen or so unpeeled garlic cloves and a teeny bit of olive oil; lid them; cook them very slowly until they sizzle (an hour or so), then remove the shanks to a platter, remove the garlics to a food mill, purée them, deglaze the pan with WHITE wine, put back the garlic purée, assemble it all, serve it with noodles. This is what Lindsey did tonight. We had a green salad, of course, and tomatoes for a first course.
Cheap Pinot grigio; Zinfandel, Louis Preston (Dry Crek), Old Vines, 2006

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