Saturday, March 14, 2009

Roast lamb

Oakland, March 14--

OUR ANNUAL NEW YEAR'S EVE dinner with a couple of old friends was postponed this year. It's the sort of thing happens more readily as we grow older; nothing to be done but accept it.

In any case a delicious dinner: roast lamb, pink and full of flavor under its mustard glaze, serious long-stemmed broccoli, fine steam-sauteed potatoes. And Claire's perfect cheesecake for dessert. Happy New Year!

Cabernet sauvignon, Simi, 2006; Sauternes, Ch. Rieussec, 1978


Curtis Faville said...

3/15/09 -

Alice Waters this evening on 60 Minutes--they challenging her "elitism" etc.

Alice slicing tomatoes.

How long have we been seduced by "convenience"?!

Charles Shere said...

Yes, we watched it too. We get so tired of that business about decent food being "too expensive" and "too time-consuming." What should we spend our time and money on, if not the stuff that keeps us alive and healthy, that gives us energy, that brings us together, and that gives such pleasure?

Curtis Faville said...

Well, I guess they thought they had to make some kind of a dialectic, else it would have turned into a paean to good eating. Can't have that!

Those darned bi-coastal liberal elite blue staters loafing and sipping Chardonnay!

Shame on them!

Back to basics. Shop at Wal-Mart!

Tank up on packaged foods at Cost-Co.