Thursday, February 5, 2009


San Francisco, February 5, 2009
  • Dynamo Donut & Coffee, 2760 24th Street (at Hampshire), San Francisco; tel. (415) 920-1978

  • DOLLARS TO DOUGHNUTS used to be odds the other way: when I was a kid, fresh doughnuts were a nickel apiece, fifty cents a dozen. Today we got less than a dozen, and a nonfat latte, and the bill was — well, never mind: but I was flabbergasted.
    But that's how it goes. You've got to think of a dollar as if it were a franc, a French franc I mean, worth about twenty cents. And still allow for a little inflation. Even during a Depression.
    But the doughnuts were as good as we'd been led to believe by two online (and offline) friends, Shuna Lydon and David Lebovitz. At first I thought the chocolate one was a little fat and bland, but I quickly adjusted to it; it's deep and rich and caky, a deepfried chocolate cake with fine frosting. And the hardly plain-vanilla more French-style one was light and tasty. Lindsey's lemony bismarck-style was my favorite, even it there were irrelevant little chunks of apple inside.

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