Thursday, February 12, 2009


Eastside Road, Healdsburg, February 12, 2009
  • Crêpes A Go Go, 2125 University Ave., Berkeley;
    tel. (510) 841-7722‎

  • THE BEST CREPES in my experience, leaving aside those made by friends in their kitchens, were in Paris, at the stand on the Boulevard St. Michel at the gate to the Luxembourg and in a crêperie up on Montmartre; and from the Chez Eric truck on the beach in Papeete. I liked the ones I ate years ago in San Francisco at Ti Couz, but it's been a long time and things may have changed.

    Today we stopped in Berkeley on our way home from Capitola, mainly to buy another pound of sardines for dinner, and had a quick crêpe at Crêpes A Go Go, which has been on its site on University Avenue for at least twelve or fifteen years, maybe longer. As I recall it was opened by a Frenchman, and the first crêpes I had there were pretty damn good. Today's were pre-cooked, I noticed, on one side. I had my favorite: spinach, cheese, and fried egg; and if only they hadn't been out of Swiss cheese it would have been quite good if a little on the thick side. Jack cheese made a satisfactory substitute, but it ain't the same.


    Curtis Faville said...

    I forget where I got this recipe, but one nice crepe fixin' is to soak prunes in brandy, mash them up, then roll that in a fresh crepe, wrap the crepe in a soft (about 3/4 cooked) slice of thin bacon, with oozy creme freche poured lightly over them. Wow, were they good.

    Charles Shere said...

    Oh boy does that sound delicious. Prunes and Armagnac, even better, but I'll settle for the brandy. We've gotta try these. Thanks.