Sunday, February 8, 2009


Eastside Road, Healdsburg, February 8, 2009

TO THE EAST BAY there to hear a new piece by a friend's son, and disastrously got the time of the concert wrong, thereby missing the whole reason for going.

Well, not quite true. We did get to hear the son play the first movement of the Bartók Cello Concerto (as Tibor Serly arranged it for that instrument from the original sketches for viola). And we also had drinks and dinner at said friends'. It didn't hurt our mood at all that he began by serving French 75s. He served the Cognac version, using Germain-Robin brandy, including lemon juice and sugar and the requisite Champagne.

(The original cocktail called for gin; it would be interesting to taste it made with Citadelle, that delicious French gin.)

The beans and the chili had been cooking, separately, all day, and were delicious. We scattered chopped scallions and cilantro and grated jack cheese on top, and there was cornbread on the side. Muy sabroso. And we had no green salad.
A little Côtes de Rhône to wash down the 75

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George Mattingly said...

You missed the green salad? (I had a TON of fixings left over & then Lucy and Dylan went to interview and audition in Michigan for 5 days -- and this bachelor was unable to munch down that much greenery. I just composted it.)