Sunday, December 21, 2008


Eastside Road, Healdsburg, December 21, 2008—
WOW, THIS WAS GOOD: hominy from a can, chard from the garden, chorizo from the refrigerator, garlic and chili flakes from the pantry, a splash of white wine. Lindsey browned the crumbled chorizo and chopped garlic, added the chard cut into squares and the wine, then the hominy. It came together very nicely. Green salad, of course, and
Cheap pinot grigio; Mourvedre: Louis Preston, 2006

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George Mattingly said...

There must be a primordial longing for chard in the winter (or, more prosaically, a metabolic need). We had a mix of chard and beet greens and stems last night. Parboiled the stems then sautéed them with the leaves in olive oil with a little salt and lemon juice. Bernie Madoff might need $50 billion. All I need is chard.