Tuesday, December 22, 2015


Konigstraat, Apeldoorn, December 22, 2015—

AFTER PARTYING the afternoon away, in the reserved, conversational way appropriate to octogenarians, with delicious hotel canapés and a glass of beer, and saying goodbye to the last of the score of Apeldoorners who turned out to honor our friends and their sixty-year marriage, Hans announced to the remaining family that it was time for stamppot.

The Wikipedia article linked here tells you more about the meal than I care to tap out on my phone just now. This was what you might call a Groot Stamppot, a grand one, with roast beef, ham, worst, and both hutspot and a more austere (but still very rich and unctuous) potatos-only purée. Oh, and boerenkool, which involves chopped kale and potatoes cooked up in lots of butter.

You take only one stamppot, the economist son at my elbow counseled. Of course I greedily ignored his advice, and helped myself to some of everything.

His wife, sitting at my right, was politely amused. She'd taken none at all, opting instead for a salad. It's so rich, she said.

She was right. The dinner was delicious, but I miss my Fernet…

Verdejo, Sedosa, 2014; rouge, Maison Virginie (Pays d'Oc), 2014

•Bilderberg Hotel De Keizerskroon, Koningstraat 7, Apeldoorn, Netherlands; +31 (0)55 521 77 44

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