Monday, August 6, 2012

Another perfect day

Eastside Road, August 5, 2012—
LUNCH TODAY: A PICNIC out at Preston Vineyards in Dry Creek Valley. We had a Mt. Tam cheese from Cowgirl, and a half pint of Lou's fine olives, and a loaf of his bread, and a bottle of his Madam Preston blend (a particular favorite of mine), and fruit galettes from Downtown Bakery; and lazed away an hour at a table under his sycamores, admiring the distant cats.

Then we stopped off at Dry Creek Peach and Produce for some fruit, and Gail invited us to stay for a Bellini and a tour of the orchard —- a beautiful orchard; I don't know when I've seen so healthy-looking a peach orchard. And the Bellini — crushed ripe ripe fruit, stirred up with a bottle of Prosecco, perfect for a summer afternoon.

Dinner down the hill: two whole chickens splayed on the Weber, roasted and semismoked over oak, and a bowl of beets, and Lindsey's potato salad, and a green salad.
Sauvignon blanc, Calloway, 2011 (neutral); red blend, "Guadargni," Preston of Dry Creek (serious and rich)


Curtis Faville said...


It would be a shame if you and/or Lindsay didn't write a book about your gastronomical adventures. It could be a name-dropping affair, but the gist would be the food itself, and the itinerary of places the opportunity for a travelogue extraordinaire. Certainly your file record of days would provide the raw material for such a project.

The Salters' book on Meals would look amateurish by comparison.

Charles Shere said...

Thanks for the compliment. It's an idea, but I doubt I'll ever get around to it. I usually put out one book a year with various blog posts and travel notes, and of course restaurants are occasionally mentioned there, but gastronomy itself … well, you're right, of course, but it's not on the present agenda. The most recent one, The Idea of Permanence, contains a long section on Venice, where we spent a month last year.

In the works: a book about our trip across France and walking in Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg. I'll try to amplify its eating notes, and see how it goes. Stay tuned.