Saturday, August 11, 2012

Highschool reunion

Eastside Road, August 11, 2012—
A CATERED DINNER in a small-town golf course clubhouse; a warm August night; a room full of folks I don't know. Well, it's Healdsburg; we're in the middle of a first-rate wine region. Things could be worse. There isn't any vermouth at the bar, so the Martini's not up to par. But I'm not complaining about the wine at our table.

We lined up with our plates, cafeteria style. Boneless chicken filets and round steak off the grill; sweated eggplant, peppers, and zucchini; chopped green salad of some kind; tortellini. For dessert, apple pie. Not à la mode: the ice cream had all melted in the heat. The dinner was okay, but we were there for a lot more than the dinner…
Chardonnay, Rochioli (Russian River), 2011 (optimal); Valdiguié (formerly "Gamay Beaujolais"), Rochioli, 2010 (weighty, forward, sound); Pinot noir, Brutocao (Mendocino), 2009 (very fine)

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