Sunday, July 1, 2012

Sunday salmon

Eastside Road, July 1, 2012—
WE BOUGHT THE WEEKLY salmon — well, piece of salmon — from Dave the fish guy yesterday, at the Healdsburg Farm Market, and today I built a fire of grapevine cuttings and a little mesquite charcoal and cooked the salmon fairly slow, while Lindsey chopped dill and shallots and tossed them with a bit of salt. She cooked some asparagus, too, on top of the stove — not enough fire to grill it.

A squeeze of Meyer lemon juice on the salmon, another on the asparagus. Green salad afterward, with a lemon-juice vinaigrette tonight; and a slice of yesterday's sour-cherry pie with Straus vanilla-bean ice cream; nothing more could possibly be wanted.
Cheap Soave

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