Wednesday, July 25, 2012

'Chokes and 'taters

Gresham Street, Ashland, July 24, 2012—
WE VISITED the quite fine farmers' market here this morning and made a haul — broccolini, salad, blueberries, garlic, a bottle of California oive oil, and these delicious new potatoes and artichokes, among other things. Time for Potatoes My Way:

Scrub the potatoes and cut them all to the size of the smallest one. Roll them around in a little olive oil in a roasting pan; then sprinkle them with salt and rosemary.

Meanwhile, trim and halve the little artichokes — they were about the size of my thumb. Rub them with the surface of a cut lemon as you work, and add them as you work to a bowlful of lemon juice and water. When all are done, toss them dry in a dishtowel, then add them to the potatoes, with a little more salt if you like.

Set them in a 350° oven for as long as it takes, shaking them around from time to time, and covering with foil if necessary to keep the artichokes from getting too brown.

With these, sweet Italian sausages and a green salad. What a delicious sweet summery taste!
Sauvignon blanc, Kenwood, 2011; Pinot noir, Fat Cat (Napa), 2011: light, flavorful.

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