Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Duck leg.jpg
Eastside Road, July 9, 2012—
SOMEHOW, NOTWITHSTANDING that ear of corn on the plate, dinner seems Parisian tonight. Lindsey braised a duck leg from a nearby farm, and separately a small sweet cabbage from next door, sliced, cooked in butter, and combined with a couple of leftover steamed potatoes and some chopped shallots. I suppose it was the butter, shallots, and duck leg that combined to the Paris effect; in any case, delicious.

Next time, though, she says, she'll confit those duck legs. They were in fact pretty damn tough!

For dessert, plums and nectarines from the garden… our plum tree has given us about ninety pounds so far, in spite of blue jays and squirrels.
Côtes du Rhone, Seguret, Domaine de la Garnacière, 2005: fruity, rich, supple

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