Thursday, July 26, 2012


Gresham Street, Ashland, July 26, 2012—
DINNER AT HOME tonight, seven of us around the table — the eighth off her feed: particularly unfortunate, since the menu had been her devising. We had salmon poached in white wine with lemons and herbs; and a big salad of barely cooked broccolini, green beans, and cauliflower; and Brandywine tomatoes; and bread with tomato salsa; and avocados; and for dessert, homemade affogati, vanilla ice cream in coffee. What more would you want? A hilarious play: George Kaufman's Animal Crackers. And so to bed.
"Ipsum" (Verdejo/Viura, 2010 (very nice, light, refreshing); Grenache rosé, Abel Clément, 2011 (good flavor, solid); Aglianico, Beneventano (Sicily), 2009 (rather dull and flat)

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