Wednesday, August 1, 2018


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Salt Lake City, August 1, 2018—

ANOTHER VERY SATISFYING find tonight, again recommended by our grandson Simon, who knows all the spots. This one is a Peruvian small-plates place, and just a glance at the menu online told me I was going to like it.

After a delicious Pisco sour I began dinner with sardines — a small can of sardines and a fine celery salad gently dusted with chili powder. The plate had a small pile of more chili and another of flaky sea salt, complementing the sardines very nicely.

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Next, another steak tartar, very different from yesterday's. The beef was chopped and combined with what seems like a Romesco sauce, subtly flavored with cumin and, again, ground smoked Peruvian chili peppers.

The three of us shared two desserts, a dark chocolate-and-chile ice cream sandwich, on dark chocolate cookie, garnished with very piquant yellow Habanera pepper slices that two of us did not attempt, and an ingenious white chocolate ice cream bar, coated with white chocolate flavored and colored with Passionfruit, served in a puddle of ponzu and scattered with an interesting crumble. These are not made in house, but chosen with the same care that went into the menu.

     🍷Pinot noir, Ransom Jigsaw (Willamette Valley): true varietal, medium body, pleasant

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•Post Office Place, 16 W Market Street, Salt Lake City

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