Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Rice; hominy

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Eastside Road, November 12, 2016—

WE SETTLE INTO the cool-weather domestic menus, single-dish for the most part, reinforced with a vegetable on the side and, of course, the customary mixed green salad afterward.

Friday night Cook reached into the freezer for the ground-lamb meatballs I made so long ago I can't recall just when; certainly before our September departure for Italy. She warmed them in a sauté pan, then added long-grain rice she'd cooked in the usual way, with a little chicken broth and some garlic. With this, broccolini, which she steam-fries with crushed garlic.

Tonight it was a can of hominy, the last one in the larder — time to resupply! This was cooked with crumbled-up sausage, and garnished with chopped cilantro. A nice one-dish menu to follow the Saturday Martini.

Rosé, Carayon "La Rose" (Languedoc), 2015: simple and pleasant

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