Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Another day, another dog

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Eastside Road, November 1, 2016—

CONSTANT READER writes to plead: For Apollo’s sake, don’t munch on too many hot dogs while watching the game. But we did have hot dogs again tonight; it was a decisive game which our team won, tying the Series at three apiece and so continuing to tomorrow's final game.

Which we will watch with wieners. May this succession of W's bring us the final W.

Niman Ranch frankfurter, as usual; Downtown Bakery bun (the best), chopped onion, local fresh sauerkraut. You don't see the pickle relish and the mustard, but it's there.

And on the side a delicious soft potato salad Cook whipped up, with potatoes, hard-cooked eggs, and celery, in almost equal proportion on the palate, and bound with a fine mayonnaise.

Green salad afterward, and applesauce with ice cream

Cheap Primitivo, Grifone (Puglia), 2015: a tiny bit sweet, fruity, rich but not deep

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