Friday, November 11, 2016

Catching up

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Eastside Road, November 11, 2016—

WHAT YOU SEE HERE is a Cubano sandwich: house-smoked marinated pork, glazed ham, house-made mustard, spicy pickles, Swiss and cheddar cheese on a ciabatta roll. A Christian version of the Reuben, I suppose. My companion and I shared one for lunch, along with the fine green salad that came with it. We were on the road, driving north from Los Angeles, and I'll never think of making that trip without stopping off here — unless it's Tuesday or Wednesday, of course, when the place is closed.

•100 Bob’s Well Bread Bakery, 550 Bell Street, Los Alamos; 805-344-3000

While at Bob's we picked up a loaf of his levain, a fine, tight-grained, substantial, perfectly baked loaf; and a couple of delicious croissants for next day's breakfast, and a kouign-amann ditto, and two little perfect Parisian ham-and-gruyère-on-a-flûte sandwiches for the evening when we'd arrived home.

That was Monday. The next day was Election Day, and the neighbors down the hill came up to watch the returns. What was planned to be a festive night turned dark. They'd brought their supper; I didn't feel like eating. Tuesday is our normal fast day. But it was no night to abstain, so I gratefully devoured a couple of beef ribs, washing it down, ultimately, with Irish whiskey.

Wednesday night we were in San Francisco, dining with a couple of friends before taking in a recital of modern Italian piano music. The restaurant was their choice: convenient to the storefront recital hall, in the heart of the Tenderloin. I had a badly needed Fernet-soda and the bison meatloaf: rich, solid, very piquant, just what I was in the mood for, though John's Grill might have been more comfortable.

•ok Jasper's Corner Tap and Kitchen, 401 Taylor Street, San Francisco; 415-775-7979

And yesterday, Thursday, was indeed fast day: coffee and toast at breakfast; tea and a handful of nuts in the evening.

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