Saturday, May 21, 2016

Roast chicken

IMG 7245
Eastside Road, May 20, 2016—
HERE YOU SEE the beginning of it: a half chicken, which I salted and wrapped loosely yesterday when I got it home from the market. (In fact I got two halves, though not of the same chicken for some reason: both were from the left side. This makes me a little nervous.)

I heated a little olive oil in the black iron skillet and browned the chicken on both sides over fairly high heat; then threw in a half dozen spring onions, split lengthwise, and a couple of potatoes chopped into dice, a few unpeeled cloves of garlic, and a couple of good-sized sprigs of rosemary.

Then the pan went into the oven for half an hour or so, until everything was done. I deglazed the pan with some cheap Pinot grigio (what else: oh: some cheap dry Vermouth; we're running low on both) and poured the result over the plated servings.

A little romanesco and a green salad; applesauce for dessert.

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Carignan, Preston of Dry Creek, 2013

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