Monday, November 30, 2015

Turkey sandwich

Eastside Road, November 29, 2015—
A DAY AT THE OPERA: cheese plate and a glass of Chardonnay (I know, I know) at intermission, dessert afterward, turkey sandwich on getting home.

The opera was Il barbiere di Siviglia, in all its bel canto perfection; a matinée performance, inviting an ice cream treat afterward. There's a place we really like in San Francisco, so there we went. On the way, just for the fun of it, I asked my telephone: What should I order at the Ice Cream Bar?

I just feel like saying the word "tubers," she replied unhesitatingly. Sometimes I think Siri is Ouija's kid sister.

What I did have was something I invented myself, after glancing at the bottles behind the bar: a Gentian phosphate, light on the phosphate, with vanilla ice cream and a shot of lemon syrup. This turned out to be very tasty and I will keep it in mind.

• The Ice Cream Bar, 815 Cole Street, San Francisco; (415) 742-4932

Dinner, then, once home, about nine in the evening: a turkey sandwich. Sliced cold roast turkey on buttered Como bread. Very nice.
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louann said...

Oh, almost forgot: my friends who invited us to join them requested my lemon meringue pies, which their kids remembered from times at my house when they were growing up. So three pies came their way, and I always use Lindsey's recipe from the cookbook because that lemon curd is just the very best - and once again rave reviews, and then I get to credit her!