Sunday, November 8, 2015


Eastside Road, November 7, 2015—
SATURDAY: MARKET DAY. The market is winding down; a number of farmers no longer appear. There are still tomatoes, peppers, and corn; but pumpkins and root vegetables are much more evident. And beautiful cabbages are showing up: we bought a very nice Savoy cabbage, which I'll stuff one of these days soon…

We bought tonight's sausage at a stall new to us — I felt disloyal to Franco, but there were these nice coils of merguez. Alas, it wasn't really interesting — very fat, but not much flavor apart from the coriander. With it those marvelous lima beans, so beautiful before they're cooked, and rich and chestnutty on the plate. Green salad; ice cream.

Garnacha/Monastrell, Laya (Almansa), Old Vines, 2013
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