Thursday, August 20, 2015


Eastside Road, August 19, 2015—
DINING AT HOME was a last-minute decision, and we hadn't really shopped for it — but there are usually a few eggs in the kitchen, and Parmesan; and Cook keeps frozen corn and soybeans on hand for an emergency succotash.

That makes a pretty good summer supper. I made the omelets — a two-egg for her, three for me. I whisk them up a bit with a dinner fork and cook them in a hot omelet pan. For years now, ever since seeing The Big Night with its memorable closing scene, I've used olive oil rather than butter. I grate the cheese ahead of time and strew it on top of the omelet when the bottom side is done, then fold the thing over and serve.

As you see, buttered toast is the garnish. Green salad afterward, and then pears and peaches. As I say: a pretty good summer supper.
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