Sunday, August 9, 2015

Birthday party

San Francisco, August 3, 2015—
DINNER PARTY for a dozen guests at a friend's birthday, prepared by her husband, a fastidious, meticulous, much travelled, endlessly cosmopolitan composer we've known for fifty years:
Poached salmon with salsa verde and aioli
Feta with za’atar
Edamame and nori
Dulce de membrillo con queso manchego
Champignons à la Japonais
Cauliflower with turmeric and cumin
Lentils and braised garlic
Baby zucchini
Korean black beans, beansprouts, and squid
Farro with Chinese chives
Focaccia Sachertorte mit Schlagsahne
Alas, my quick photo doesn't show everything, and certainly can't suggest the marvelous flavors and textures in this unique event, a very unusual one in that the courses came from so wide a variety of ethnic sources, yet everything went together to make a true meal.
Prosecco and lots of it; also white and red Burgundy
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