Friday, July 10, 2015

Out in the country

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Mount Dandenong, Victoria, July 10, 2015—
A GOOD DAY for a drive out into the country, no? The low winter light breaking through clouds over the lacy tops of the double-tiered forest, tall scraggly eucalypts over tree ferns, past B&Bs and pancake restos, hugging the left on narrow winding roads up into the heights, over two thousand feet above sea level…

The destination was one of those (to me) improbable leisure centers: a petting zoo, a bocce court, lawn bowling, croquet, a (quite good) bakery, a casual restaurant. We got there just in time: the place was nearly full, but there was room for the five of us (plus baby Lola) at the last of a number of parallel tables-for-eight. The lunch menu is limited but rewarding, and from it I chose this Merguez roll: very nice sausage on what's described as a "brioche roll", with crisp onions, house-made pickles, and nicely cut and cooked French-fried potatoes.
Shiraz, Payten & Jones (Yarra Valley), 2014: a bit sweet, rich and ready, forward
Piggery Café, 1 Sherbrooke Rd, Sherbrooke, Victoria; +61 (03) 9021 2100
Restaurants visited in 2015 are listed at Eatingday's Restaurants

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