Wednesday, July 29, 2015

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Eastside Road, July 28, 2015—
SORRY; I'VE BEEN BUSY. Not too busy to eat, of course; just too busy to write. Let's see: last time I told you about the miraculous Ojai tri-tip… that waa last Wednesday, though it seems a month ago.

The next day we simply drove home, slowly, in the heat, and since we hadn't fasted for quite a while we contented ourselves with a delicatessen sandwich bought in San Luis Obispo. The place is a local favorite; it was crowded when we stopped in, and rather charming, with a bevy of fresh-faced college students behind the counter focussing intently on their work, spreading mayo and mustard, artfully placing sliced pickles, dealing with little envelopes of pre-packed sliced meat and such as if they were holy objects. I wanted to take a photo but felt I'd be violating some kind of sacred trust.

Since then it's been H O T up here — 102° today, for example — too hot to cook: but we've been doing it. We stopped at a favorite butcher shop on Thursday and bought a couple of duck legs en confit. (Can't think of a graceful way to put it in English: confitted duck legs? confit'd?) They cooked slowly in one black iron skillet; diced potatoes in duck fat in another; frozen corn and soybeans made up the vegetable dish, and of course there was a green salad.
Salice Salentino, Epicuro (Puglia), 2012: cheap, fruity, rewarding
Sunday was Martini day, as Saturday had had to be skipped. Afterward we joined the neighbors and a guest for a potluck: we supplied Franco's amazing green chorizo, herbal and savory; the neighbors supplied a pork rollatino grilled over oak. As always, green salad. For the rest of the week, here's a summary:
IMG_1667.jpg IMG_1685.jpg
Saturday: Salmon, bruschetta, broad beans
"Bianco", Grifone (Italy), nv: cheap, soft, easy
Monday: Lentil salad
Salice Salentino
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