Sunday, March 3, 2013

Salmon Sunday

Eastside Road, March 3, 2013—
OUR BELOVED MARKET in Healdsburg runs only May through November (roughly), but we make do this time of year with the Sebastopol market, held on Sunday mornings. There we find our familiars: Nancy Skall for unique produce; Franco Dunn for his amazing sausages; Dave the fish guy for salmon. King salmon these days.

Today Lindsey basted it, or marinated it, with the dressing she'd made for our blood-orange salad: olive oil, shallot, blood-orange juice. (We have our Oakland sister-in-law — is that what you call your grandchild's other grandmother? — to thank for these blood oranges; she has a big tree in her back yard, and it bears dependably and copiously.)

With the fish, potatoes: diced, cooked in water with garlic and a little olive oil. Delicious.

Green salad, check. Fruit, check. Oh! some pan pepato from Christmas! How nice!
Cheap Pinot grigio

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