Thursday, February 21, 2013

Eggs in tomato sauce

Eastside Road, February 21, 2013—
SOME AIDE-MEMOIRE THIS IS: I've looked up and down through Eating Every Day to see when we may have made this tomato sauce, and I can't find it. There wasn't much time to cook today, so Lindsey hauled a block of frozen tomato sauce out of the freezer, thawed it out on top of the stove, broke four eggs into it, covered the pot, and toasted some bread.

The sauce, she knows, was made for a dish very much the same, but I can't figure out when we may have had it. Maybe it was one of the meals I forgot to blog, or maybe I managed to write about it without using the word "eggs," though that's hard to imagine.

In any case it was a delicious dinner, with a green salad to follow that was mostly mâche — hmmm, that would make a nice title — and an apple and a couple of chocolates for dessert. Sweet and simple.
Cheap Nero d'Avila

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