Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Bagna cauda

Eastside Road, February 11, 2013—
PRETTY, AREN'T THEY? They're Belgian endive and carrots, of course, with a sprig of fennel as decoration; and they joined cooked (of course) cardoons and chunks of bread and delicious bagna cauda for our first course tonight.

Next, Franco's "Welsh sausages," pork with apple and leek, and a beautiful purée of potato and celery root. Then a green salad; and then, oh delicious, zabaglione. Lindsey prepared all this with love and expertise, and we ate it with the neighbors. What a fine dinner!
Grenache blanc, 2011; Petite Syrah, 2010 (both Preston of Dry Creek, and both sound and good and, I think, interesting)

February 12: and tonight we had exactly the same dinner in the form of leftovers, minus the salad, the zabaglione, and the Grenache blanc.

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