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Eastside Road, March 6, 2016—

APOLOGIES TO ANY vegetarians browsing this blog. You're in the wrong place.

The neighbors came up the road for dinner, and we cooked this beefsteak on the cast-iron griddle on the range. The steak was just smaller than the griddle, which spans two burners and measures nine by seventeen inches. As you see, we cooked it saignant, which is how I like it. I'd salted it a few hours before cooking. After the steak was cooked we threw some cheap Nero d'Avola on the griddle to deglaze it; then a little butter and a chopped shallot. Hip-pocket sauce marchand de vin.

With the steak, as you see, a mess of chard; afterward, green salad, then ice cream.

Cheap Nero d'Avola; then Cabernet sauvignon, Scribe (Napa Valley), 2010:
as good a California Cabernet as I can recall tasting in the last fifty years. Thanks, Varun!

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