Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Sunday market

Eastside Road, November 1, 2015—
TO THE FARM MARKET this morning. The season's winding down, and rain is finally in the air. Thanksgiving approaches. But peppers and tomatoes are still plentiful, lending their color to everything. I cleaned up some tiny potatoes, the biggest no bigger than marbles, the smallest the size of peas, and cooked them with a quartered shallot and a few small cloves of garlic, with a branch of rosemary, in the black iron skillet. Fortunately we have three of those skillets. Into another, in a bit of olive oil, went four Anaheim peppers, cut lengthwise into thirds (following the folds) and divested of seeds and sinews. Like the potatoes, the peppers enjoyed a sprinkle of big-grain sea salt. (We particularly like the grey salt from the Île de Ré.) Cook grilled a couple of Franco's Toscana sausages in the third skillet, and steamed some sliced zucchini, and sliced some (not steamed) Green Zebra — every week we're assured they're the last of the season. Green salad afterward, and a bit of dark chocolate. Oh: and the final game of the Series. Yes: winter's on its way
Garnacha/Monastrell, Laya (Almansa), Old Vines, 2013
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